Love Thyself.


I've been struggling to look after myself 'properly' ever since Torben entered this world. I promised myself a walk a day, to exclude dairy from my diet and to attempt earlier nights. I know it does no one any good, specifically myself, to beat myself up over empty promises. But I can't help but feel … Continue reading Love Thyself.

This is motherhood.

As I lay down in bed, exhausted, entering this faze of the day completely ready to embrace slumber, my brain decides to waken. I start thinking about life changing decisions that I can't do anything about at this current moment, the dishes that I should of done before bed, that snarkey comment I said to … Continue reading This is motherhood.

The juggle struggle!


Being a new mum has made me happier than I would've ever imagined! But i often find myself doing as much housework and organizing as I can whilst Torben is sleeping and forgetting to eat, forgetting to cater to my own basic needs; forgetting 'me' time. Essentially, me keeping up to date with this blog … Continue reading The juggle struggle!

Lets connect!


To all of you amazing pregnancy, motherhood, parenting and all round blogs! LETS CONNECT! I would love to know more about the amazing blogs on this platform! I'll start! I'm Alexa, 24 years, I am a first time mother to a beautiful little bear cub named Torben! I have a passion for graphic design, photography and … Continue reading Lets connect!

The Parent Panic.


Being a first time parent is incredible! You couldn't imagine life being more fulfilling. But you are learning on the job, and there are a few things that you can't help but freak out about.. This constant stream of news about Trump, ISIS and global climate change has me thinking "What kind of world have … Continue reading The Parent Panic.

I broke down.


My baby boy is only four weeks and two days old so this blog is a constant, evolving and recent take on my experiences as I grow into motherhood. I haven't struggled in the past to show my emotion, in the sense that I would cry at regular intervals in the privacy of my own … Continue reading I broke down.

We get by with a little help from our friends.


There comes a time in every new mother's life when she has to put her tail between her legs and accept help. It's not something we can all graciously accept, but where would we be without the amazing network of Mama's, family and friends around us? There is nothing more important than the support around … Continue reading We get by with a little help from our friends.

Our new life.


Its daunting when the day finally comes! You have the all clear to go home with your beautiful little bundle! Your new life begins! You are still healing yourself, whether it's from vaginal birth, surgery or from the various other procedures.. You have had 2 hours sleep in 48 hours and are slightly delusional. You … Continue reading Our new life.

My postpartum body. (TMI).

It's been one entire month on thursday since my body was cut open and our child was pulled from inside of me, but my body still has a long way to go! Between the sleepless nights, dirty nap nap's, piss hitting my eyeballs and the pure joy of being a new mother, I really am … Continue reading My postpartum body. (TMI).

When we met you, our bear cub.


I always told myself I would never forget the day I gave birth to my child, that was whilst I was pregnant.. Tell you what, I never will forget. I had been in early labour on and off for weeks, it could of been close to a month. But honestly, the last month or so … Continue reading When we met you, our bear cub.