Lets connect!

To all of you amazing pregnancy, motherhood, parenting and all round blogs! LETS CONNECT! I would love to know more about the amazing blogs on this platform!

img_20170205_135317_989I’ll start! I’m Alexa, 24 years, I am a first time mother to a beautiful little bear cub named Torben! I have a passion for graphic design, photography and drumming! Even though it’s been awhile I’m learning to reconnect with myself! I’m also into alternative health, aromatherapy (I’m learning) and positive thinking!

I started this blog to give an honest view as a first time mother and as an outlet to connect with other individuals of the same state of mind.

I can’t wait to look at your blogs! I would love to get to know you incredible individuals!


Leave a comment introducing yourself and your blog! 

All of the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.

7 thoughts on “Lets connect!

  1. Hi Alexa! I’m Monica and I’m new to blogging. Like you, I am a mum, I’m 26 and I have a 5 years old little girl and an 11 months old little boy. I am a nutritionist and I have always loved cooking. I created my blog to share healthy recipes that are also affordable and great for families. I will also be posting about nutritional topics. I hope you will find that useful! I really like your blog! 🙂 Monica x

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    • Hey Monica! Awh cute! You must have your hands full!? I look forward to following your journey! I’m a chef by trade and I have failed to mention so far so I love food and can’t wait to read and see your amazing foods! Thanks for the like and comment.

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      • Yes, as you can imagine I do have my hands pretty full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you ever need to talk I’m here, I know motherhood sometimes can be hard and we may have the feeling to talk to someone. I hope you enjoy every step of it though, because no matter how hard it is we are so lucky to be mothers! Sending lots of love from the other side of the world! 😘

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