The juggle struggle!

Being a new mum has made me happier than I would’ve ever imagined! But i often find myself doing as much housework and organizing as I can whilst Torben is sleeping and forgetting to eat, forgetting to cater to my own basic needs; forgetting ‘me’ time. Essentially, me keeping up to date with this blog is ‘me’ time, and it helps me piece together how i mentally  feel. It’s a means for me to keep my sanity above the water line. 

I am striving to find a balance between all of this chaos and I’m starting to feel like I may drown. Now, I’ve never considered myself ocd, but I don’t like having dirty dishes, having clutter all over the show and have a full laundry basket to deal with. My mind is a mess already, if the house is a mess there is no possible way for me to process things efficiently. I wish that some mess didn’t bother me, that it COULD wait till tomorrow!

I need to realize that my beautiful boy cub only goes through these stages for a brief short period of time! The washing can wait!

So to add to my list of goals, the time I do devote to my son is going to be whole hearted. My time is the most valuable thing I can offer.

I would love to post everyday but unfortunately it’s simply not possible sometimes! I will do my best to keep everything up to date.

All of the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.


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