Keeping myself in line #1

I am writing this as my day progresses in a diary like format.

Now I realize that I seem to complain about sleep a lot, and I do and will probably continue to do so! I’m one of these unfortunate buggers that simply can’t cope without a certain amount of shut eye. I really am the definition of a “Mombie” most days at this point in time. BUT unfortunately for me I made it public that I would now post about my food intake daily; who’s idea was that?!

This morning I managed a bowl of coconut muesli, oat milk, natural yogurt and a smoothie. The smoothie was unsuccessful as my kale to everything else in the damn smoothie ratio was totally off and resulted in tasting like the paddock of uncle Charlie’s pet bull Henry.

My son has his first hearing test so in our hectic rush trying to get him fed, changed and dressed, I managed to quickly grab some organic rice crackers and a tapenade dip I made last night with some almonds. We managed to furiously eat in the car without getting too much food on our laps.

We have indulged on some sushi; I regret nothing.

We are ended our evening with a lovely dinner cooked by a close friend; spelt pasta bake with beautiful home grown vegetables, mince and various other healthy ingredients. A dairy free version was offered and an Asian styled salad.

All in all, one of my better days as I snacked on almonds or raw bliss balls in between meals. Perhaps I will start taking photos instead of writing a novel..

Tomorrow brings a new morning and whole new beautiful world! And I’m super excited for yoga! Yay!

The Three Bears NZ

3 thoughts on “Keeping myself in line #1

  1. Haha I feel you, I’m such a moaning brat when I don’t sleep enough! I also made a kale smoothie last week with oats and apples. I swear it was the most revolting thing I ever made! Totally got it wrong! 🙈 it looks like you had some delicious food!! I hope you enjoy yoga tomorrow! 😘

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    • I really can’t deal when I’m very tired! Haha yeah sometimes making smoothies is certainly hit and miss! But that’s okay we learn. I had yoga on Wednesday and it was fantastic! I’m not able to do all of the poses due to healing from the c section still but I’ll get there! Very peaceful way to become healthy.

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      • Yes it’s definitely te best way to ease your way into fitness. I seriously should start doing something too. I have had a gym membership since October and still haven’t been there once! 😬 I also blame the lack of sleep, haha! I’m sure you will slowly be able to do all the moves! X

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