I know you now.

IMG_20170304_141652.jpgThis afternoon, for the first time in six and a bit weeks my son and I finally saw each other properly for the first time. We’ve ‘seen’ each other of course but, not like this.

We stared into one another for about fifteen minutes. He took everything in about me, and I him. How his hair is growing millimeter but millimetre each day, how inquisitive those once blurred eyes now are seeking my familiar stare and those lips that mirror his father’s. I wonder what he see’s in me?

It’s such a precious thing to truly realize within just a moment of time how important a mother and child bond truely is. The magnitude of being a parent is unfathomable most times as we all carry on with our day. If we honestly always felt the gravity of raising a child every moment of everyday we would probably shatter under the inert force that is, being a parent.

Each day I become more confident as a mother and a parent. Each day I know my child more and more and that brings me unmeasurable amounts of joy. Some days I still feel like I haven’t learnt a thing and that I still know nothing about our son; but that’s okay. We do what’s best for our sanity sometimes to get through the day.

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