Hectic is normality.

As you may know, our little fam is on the move! I’ve been struggling to make time for most things but honestly, in the last couple of days, I have been struggling to find any motivation to finish packing! I’ve hit a brick wall bigger than the wall Trump plans on building.

Our house is in absolutely chaos! It’s hard to move around and I just can’t function in this kind of environment. I understand that come sunday evening it’s all going to be basically finished and I can’t wait! Living in an urban area has been normality for so long, but knowing we are going to be living rurally so soon has me listening to the constant barrage of sounds.

If it’s not boy racers its parties, if its not parties is the neighbor’s cats landing on the shed roof, if it’s not that there is the constant hum of the port. Don’t get me wrong, i have definitely enjoyed my time here! This is where Nathan and I started, where we began and a part of this small, cramped 1970’s flat will have a place in my heart. Our times walking into the local pubs and aimlessly floundering home are over now and we have no need to be so close to the center of everything. But I am grateful.

Moving with even a 2 month old is presenting me with a whole new world of responsibility! Learning to juggle packing, cooking, feeding and even getting a shower in is proving challenging at best!

Not only that, I am in the process of starting a small business  from home creating health, beauty and wellness products for you beautiful mama’s and your littlies! I am so excited to get this journey underway and sharing it with you incredible followers of mine!

WATCH THIS SPACE! 😀 Thank you so much for still supporting me through my absence!

All of the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.

5 thoughts on “Hectic is normality.

  1. Moving can be so stressful, I hate packing everything up! It always feel good when you get in your new home though, I love that feeling! It looks like you are handling it pretty well, you even have the time to start your own business! 😍 How exciting!! I can’t wait to find out more!! Good luck with the last stages of your moving and hang in there, Sunday it’s nearly there ! 🙂 x

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