Home sweetest home

Well, we made it. Somehow! We managed to cart our insane amount of unnecessary belongings from a to b thanks to a lot of coffee, fart arsing around and incredible friends. And boy am I so glad to be away from the hubbub! I still have a lot of organizing to do but there’s not a whole lot left now which makes me feel very relieved.

What a stark contrast it is though! There’s room to swing many cats around! It just feels incredible to have access to a huge array of home grown fruit, vegetables and beautiful fauna. This is heavenly, how I thought I could stick to only city life is far beyond me now. That said, the day your child enters this world they are the center of everything therefore your priorities just have to change entirely. Family comes first.

We are still currently waiting for our internet to be connected so this is just a brief update to let you know that more for filling content will be uploaded soon once I am able to use the computer.

All the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.

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