Opinionated motherhood.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the world is full of judgement, but the world of motherhood is completely over run with judgment. Don’t feed your child that because it’s not organic fair trade 100% sustainable, don’t use those nappies they aren’t compostable and god forbid you use polyester blankets your child will definitely overheat and die.

I’m seriously trying to simply be a good person, an uplifting mother. I want to support mothers, build them back up and show them they are totally entitled to mother in their way. We as mothers shouldn’t be made to feel like we aren’t doing enough because we don’t have as much in the bank as others, or because we may not have as much experience as other mothers. Advice is one thing, but when it’s not really needed or wanted then that’s almost as annoying as being told how to mother your child.

It seriously makes me go to 100 instantly when someone hovers over me watching me, judging my motherhood. “Have you changed his nappy? He probably has a poop. Is he fed? Give him a bottle. He is too hot, he is too cold. Give him tummy time he’s not having enough.” SHUT THE EFF UP before my tired brain vomits SHUT up juice all over your judgmental face hole Sharon! 

I’m fairly confident I know what my son needs. If I don’t, guess what? I’ll ask! Just remember your the mother, you got this.

All the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.

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