Holy f@$&, what a day.

I’m so tired. What a great opening line! But seriously, just when I was getting comfortable with this routine with our wee man, BANG. He catches a cold, decides he wants to wake at 6am now and today he had to have his imms. I’ve mentioned earlier that I HEAVILY rely on sleep.

Whilst I sleepily went down stairs to make our boy his first bottle, I found myself literally in such a dream state that I didn’t actually realize what I was doing, I made the bottle on pilot mode, somehow tottered up the stairs and wondered “i should make Torben a bottle… ” I forgot that I had just gone down stairs. I didn’t even know I could do that.

After our boy had his imms I thought it makes a whole lot of sense to head to the mall and grab a few things needed: teethers, weaning spoons and various baby items. I must of spent about 30 minutes in farmers just looking at all of the teethers, some employees must of thought I was mentally disabled looking at the toys to such detail. I was lost in the fog of motherhood, and I managed to go through the self checkout and walk off without any of my shopping. I got to the car and then finally realised that I had indeed forgotten the nappies and some pouch food (don’t judge, I’m tired..). I had to do that walk of shame, the one where you ask for your shpopping you forgot, attempt to explain that you have “Mum Brain” honestly.. and try to quickly walk out before you attract too much attention.

Once I got home, I was running around like a pig on a run way. I decided it would be a perfect time to do food prep for my boy. In the blur of prepping, feeding, playing and trying to squeeze in a meal for myself I seriously felt myself beginning to faulter. Things were becoming super stressful, you know what I mean right? When even the simplest things make us want to cry, or throw a tantrum and you just want to belly flop on your bed.. and that’s when the poo explosion happened lmfao. So here I am, shit everywhere, I have to do a complete clothes change, wash all of the things and bath my child. And just when I honestly thought it couldn’t get any worse, Torben starts screaming in the bath, so here I am, semi covered in baby poop, sopping wet and now my child is cracking I but still covered in soap. There were so many places I imagined residing in, but not my current place.. Just asleep in bed sounded incredible. 

Finally i got this boy up stairs to bed and a whole 40 minutes later he was FINALLY asleep after rocking his cute wingy ass to sleep!

Moral of the story: motherhood is hard. Even if most of the time we appear to have it allthe sorted out, we do have bad days, but we have to remind ourselves they don’t last forever and we are more than capable of getting through. After you have a big cry, pick yourself backup, dust yourself off and laugh at all the stupid shit you did mama.

Time to get my mama butt to bed before my shadow scared the adult out of me again!

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