First things first, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my blog, and even click on my ‘about’ section! I am grateful!

I created this blog initially as an outlet for myself, to write and keep as a journal of sorts. I write about a wide variety of topics, usually about motherhood or parenting but I may post photo’s, spiritual posts or emotional rants.

This blog is very much ‘me’. Its honest, raw and on occasion the odd swear word pops in. My aim now for this blog is to just present you with my version of motherhood, I by no means want you as a mother, father or just a parent to feel judged, that’s not what I want at all! I want to offer a space of positivity, love and mutual respect because I think your all absolutely amazing in your own one of a kind way.

A bit about myself: I’m Alexa, 25 years old and a first time mother to a beautiful wee boy cub named Torben. I’m into crystals, astrology, clean eating and general spirituality. My life is a beautiful journey and I practise gratitude, love and kindness.

I am currently studying Aroma Science and do have an Etsy store where I sell health and beauty products made from essential oils. If you are curious to check it out the link is in the links bar!

Once again thank you so much for stopping by!

All the love and support! The Three Bears NZ.